What is WHES (World Hard Enduro Series)

Hardenduroseries.com has born as a necessity to put order in the world of hard enduro. Nowadays, there are only independent races that did not score in any championship but today, for the first time, you will know who are the best riders and races in this discipline. WHES (World Hard Enduro Series) has established its own calendar, scoring system and regulations to enjoy the extreme enduro series as any other championship.

Much more than a website

Hardenduroseries.com is the first website exclusively dedicated to the Hard Enduro world. It is a place of consultation where lovers of extreme off road discipline will find all the information: calendar, rider’s profile, race description, news, and finally, the WHES Ranking, an objective classification to determine who is the best rider of the world.

WHES is the epicenter of hard enduro where teams and race organizers have a tool to program their activities. In this way the riders will be able to plan their seasons and fight for a title that until now did not exist.

The Ranking

The WHES Ranking is the official classification of the World Hard Enduro Series. A unit scoring system has been established to homogenize each of the 18 calendar races. In this way you will see throughout the season how the classification evolves according to the races that each rider decides to run and at the end of the year meet the champion. The regulation can be consulted at www.hardenduroseries.com.

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