Rules and Regulation

All information that you must to know to follow and understand WHES.


WHES (World Hard Enduro Series) was born to join all the main Hard Enduro races of the world in just one place and to establish who are the best riders in this category.


All the riders enrolled in the Hard Enduro races of the year take part automatically in the WHES. The organization will register every rider, not been necessary the personal inscription from them.


Only the first 10 qualified riders from every race will score in the WHES, such as it’s shown in the official classification of the race. (*The 2016 ranking was made considering only the finishers).

Only the main race will count. The points from the prologue or others races will not.

The score for every place is as follow: 1st 20 points, 2nd 17 points, 3rd 14 points, 4th 11 points, 5th 8 points, 6th 5 points, 7th 4 points, 8th 3 points, 9th 2 points, 10th 1 point.

The races denominated EPIC will score double.

The rule to get a result in case of tie is: a) Rider with more races won; b) Rider with more points in a single race; c) Rider with more points in Epic Races.

The manufactures title is established at the end of the season counting the points of each brand of the 10 first riders in the WHES ranking.


The WHES Racing Commission will define unilaterally the events that form the calendar up to a maximum of 18 races. According to the following criteria:

  • Number of Top 10 riders from the WHES Ranking signed up the year before.
  • Organization (ranking, info from the race, development of the race, security measures, considerations for the riders…)
  • Hardness level.
  • Historical development.

The races that form the WHES may change every year if they don’t meet the criteria previously mentioned. The WHES Racing Commission has the right to add or remove races from the calendar. In this way it will benefit the races professionalization.

There will be a maximum of five EPIC events in the calendar along the year. These races are considered EPIC according to their historical development, hardness, number of top riders and media impact. Thanks to these characteristics they have a special treatment and, therefore, they count double. These races can be removed from the EPIC list if they don’t keep the standards required for them by the WHES.

The annual calendar of the world WHES championship will be released in January provisionally. It will be update once the dates of each race are confirmed.

If a race doesn’t take place lastly, it can be replaced by another one following the WHES Racing Commission decision.

Every race organization can get in touch with WHES Racing Commission by the contact email in to update their info or solve any doubt.


A trophy will be presented to the WHES winner to be recognized as the best Hard Enduro rider of the season. He will be included in the contest Hall of Fame and the right of showing the WHES badge in his image and communication channels will be given.

Every race included in the calendar will receive promotional material from the WHES’s management. The organization of each race may freely use the WHES logo, a badge to be recognized as one of the main Hard Enduro races in the world.